Central Mississippi Children's Advocacy Center

Children’s Advocacy Centers provide critical services to children that are the victims of the most severe felony abuse which includes all sexual abuse, severe physical abuse, drug endangered children, trafficking victims and children who have witnessed a homicide or similarly violent crime.

Our mission is to meet the needs of children and their families by providing a safe, child-friendly environment that facilitates a family-centered approach, with a multidisciplinary team aimed at helping children and families in all perspectives of care, find justice and healing.

At the Central MS CAC, we strive to provide a comfortable, child-friendly setting in which a child can feel safe telling what has happened to them.  Here, a child can tell their experience one time, in one place thereby minimizing trauma to the victim rather than having to tell a doctor, police officer, social worker, therapist, and possibly more.

Multi Disciplinary Teams

“Child advocacy centers (CACs) are child-friendly facilities in which law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical, and victim advocacy professionals work together to investigate abuse, help children heal from abuse, and hold offenders accountable.” – National Children’s Alliance

These disciplines come together to collaborate on child abuse cases and collectively make decisions and take steps in the cases that are in the best interest of the child and family in their journey to find justice and healing.


Provides non-invasive physical exams for children with allegations or concerns of abuse

Mental Health

Provides evidence-based and trauma-focused mental health treatment to children who have experienced abuse or other traumatizing events

Law Enforcement

Responds to reports of child abuse, investigates the allegations in conjunction with DHR, and makes arrests when appropriate

Human Resources

Responds to reports of child abuse, investigates the allegations in conjunction with the law enforcement, and works to ensure children are safe

District Attorney

Reviews cases with members of the multidisciplinary team to guide the child abuse investigations, determines whether prosecution in criminal court is appropriate, and prepares cases for trial

Family and Victim Advocacy

Provides the parents/caregivers of children who participate in a forensic interview with support and education about the investigation and criminal justice process, ongoing support, and linkage to community resources

Forensic Interview

Interview children who may have experienced abuse, using a nationally-recognized forensic interview model developed by NCAC

Child Abuse Statistics

How to Report Child Abuse: 

When you report abuse, be prepared to provide (as known):

  • Victim’s name, home address or location, school information, approximate age, race, and sex;
  • Description of the situation and marks or bruises that may be present;
  • Person responsible for victim’s care, alleged perpetrator name(s), and witnesses to the situation;
  • Other relevant information that would expedite and investigation such as: manufacturing of drugs in the home, possession of weapons, domestic violence, etc.

Who is required to report (by LAW):

  • The Mississippi Statute states that, "any attorney, physician, dentist, intern, resident, nurse, psychologist, teacher, social worker, school principal, child caregiver, minster, law enforcement officer, or any other person having reasonable cause to suspect that a child brought to him/her or having come to him/her for examination, care or treatment, or of whom he has knowledge through observation is a neglected or an abused child," is required to report.
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